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October 2012

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So I've been doing a little light reading and I found something very interesting.
I read this: "Common antidepressants like Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil can set off a manic episode in a person with bipolar disorder. For this reason, the first treatment for depression in bipolar disorder should be lithium,"

Why is this so fascinating to me? Because I can't take [psychotropic] drugs at all, yet every single psychiatrist and half the counselors and psychologists I've seen do not believe me when I say these drugs have the opposite effects on me. So now I have something other than my mom and ex boyfriend to back me up and say that these things have had horrible effects.

So now I wonder; would I would have gone through years of pain if I was just given lithium? Could the outcome still be the same?

I wish if I wrote a letter to big medicine, doctors, my insurance company, and the like that it could make a difference... just as I wish I could write to Chevy and other car companies so they could know how terrified I am to be a passenger in my own car as well as most new models. I'm a healthy adult but don't set off airbag sensors. If I'm a passenger in a crash, my airbag won't deploy.


In other news... I had a piece of my artwork show in a local gallery along with some of my friends' work and other local artists. The gallery opening was fun and I got some good feedback =).. I was told by one lady who attended that she favored my work even, yay. It is for sale... My friend's mom took pictures hopefully I'll have some soon.

. .