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Oct. 20th, 2011


(no subject)

So on the lighter side I didn't end up going to Beso because I went to Ruth's Chris instead and had a fabulous time! I've been told by a few people that other than to say you've been there Beso's food sucks... sorry I don't want to pay that much money for sucky food so we made the better decision.

Oh yeah, I have awesome views from some of the local places. Decided after our amazing hike to an abandoned Nazi compound to go hike some waterfalls instead. So this time of year the falls aren't strong but I did get some pictures. I also successfully rock climbed up the side with the J Man without falling to our deaths (obviously). Don't think I'll be doing that part again considering how dangerous it really was but you'll be jealous of the views....

Bottom of the falls.

Middle of the falls.

The climb didn't get scary until you climbed up through that little cave thing

View from the top.

On our way down, we passed 2 girls out of breath and not even half way to the bottom of the falls on their hike... J and I turned to each other and I said I was really glad that I wasn't tired at all even after the hike and climb up. We ended up jogging the entire way back through the forest. Ultra win... that's what you get for running stairs.


Oct. 19th, 2011


(no subject)

I get it... I am part of the 99%....
And I don't agree with a lot of American polices, laws, SS, taxes, large government, corporate power, gay people not being allowed to marry, no separation of church and state, out of control spending, court system in general, the far right, FOX News, the far left, lack of sex education in schools, budget cuts, War on Terror, criminalization of pot, healthcare, food stamps/LINK, labor laws, minimum wages... you get it this list could go on.

But I can't stand some of the people I see who I know are protesting OWS but criticizing others. This is my opinion: It is a lot about who you know. I live in LA, I can't preach to you enough that I live in a city where it's all about who you know...
But with that being said, there are certainly choices you can make to help make your odds better. Not a guarantee that you will have your dream job or will still even be able to support yourself, but your odds are still better.

That's all I'm saying. If you want to preach about people being misinformed and not doing research... I suggest these people do some research themselves.

You know, similar cost of living, big city, but higher wages... Kind of just made sense.

Just one example... think outside the box.

Oct. 4th, 2011


(no subject)

Soooooo... guess who's going on a triple date with 5 other awesome people to Beso on a Friday night?

This girl... I feel fancy already =)

Oct. 2nd, 2011


Cheers to the freakin weekend

So yesterday J Man and I ran a 5K mud run as Pebbles and Bam Bam. It was really fun, and I totally want to do another one now.
And...... I've been heavily considering doing a half marathon with some friends in March next year. I must start training for that now, hard and heavy. When I decide for sure if I'm doing it in March and who's training with me, I'll be needing some really good running shoes (hint hint, if anyone wants to sponsor me).

So today the J Man and I went on a pretty epic adventure.

There are secret stairs all around LA and I happen to live near some. These are the stairs J and I regularly run. When I say secret or hidden, I really mean that. There are people who have lived in the area for years and don't know these public places exist.
The link up top is the book that I bought recently which has the stairs I run and many more hidden gems.

We went out to Pacific Palisades to do the final hike in the book... yep skipped straight to the hardest and one with most stairs. There's no way I would have even found some of this stuff without making sure we took the book with us.
We took narrow winding sets of stairs down until we came to this abandoned compound. It shut down circa WWII when it was found those operating it were Nazi spies. Now what's left are derelict structures and piles of metal for climbing on, a taggers paradise and something straight from a horror movie.
I wish I had brought a camera to take pictures because it is really awesome discovering such hidden and historical places.
The stairs coming out of the canyon were the hardest. I would have never found them if I hadn't had the book on me, since the entrance was completely covered with brush and trees. It's over 515 steps without stopping. Now I can jog the 3 sets near me that J and I usually do, that's about 410 up. No way you could run up this series.
The small concrete stairs seemed to head all over the place around the compound. I hope we go back soon and take pictures.

After that we headed to Santa Monica to try climbing the ropes there. I made it up and have a few minor rope burns for it. Found out I can no longer do a pull up, sad. I hate knowing how fit I was and how much I could do and no longer can.
We watching some acro-yoga and acrobats on the beach. I wish I could do stuff like that. There were people easily 40's and over doing some of the stuff too.

I guess it's never too late to start getting back into shape but I need more pushing.

Hmmmm... for now I'll just think about the next time I'll get to do the super stairs again and get sweet pictures of the remains.

Anyone in LA or visiting must come check this out.

Sep. 20th, 2011


(no subject)


So I signed up for a 5k mud run with J. We work out together sometimes. This will be tough.
Today we jogged to the Los Feliz stairs, jogged up all 3 sets, down and jogged home. Haven't done that yet. It was definitely difficult... ugh but I did buy a book called "Secret Stairs" on Amazon. It's a book about all the secret stairs in the Griffith/Los Feliz/Silver Lake area. I know there are a bunch, and the only way to know about them is finding out from someone who knows or living right by them.... really they are secret and you won't find them if you don't know where to look.
The cool things are the views, and the amazing houses and landscaping you wouldn't see otherwise.


I'm being a rockstar at my job, you shouldn't expect anything else.
It's been difficult being the youngest at a company that's dominated with people my parents age and older (this is slowly changing). Myself (assistant project mgr) and my partner in crime ("string bean"- project coordinator) back up and help manage projects for several project mgrs in the company. One in particular, who happens to manage some of, including the largest project our company has worked on is taking the both of us out to the job (massive global law firm) to see it install. Yay field trip! This is a big deal since it's expected that I work over 40 hours a week and be present and in my chair at work starting before 8am and after 5pm. String bean, this PM, and I basically will have an awesome time since we work amazingly well together. Also, string bean and I have never gotten to see any of the projects we've worked on, we get to see this one happen, and see what it looks like when it's finished. Yay!
I find it extremely interesting that when I moved to my new position, the people who were most reluctant were the older people I work with now, not the younger PM's.
Now it's the 2 older PM's I work with who trust me more and love having me more than the others. Really, they freak out without string bean and I now.


Still climbing the ladder. My past has told me I never settle for anything... maybe on on my dating partners a little too much, but not on the other things.


DADT is no more. All I have to say it's about damn time. "It gets better" can apply to far more than LGBTQ. The Pixar "It gets better" video is one of my favs on that topic.


Sep. 6th, 2011


Skinny Love:

When 2 people are in love but are too shy to admit it, although they still show it.

Aug. 22nd, 2011


sin city

May or may not have been in Vegas over the weekend.

Jul. 30th, 2011


(no subject)

I'm coming to terms that I'm getting old. My metabolism, though still fast is not what it once was. I'm still healthier and in better shape than most.... but I need to make many more conscious efforts with food and exercising in order to stay this way.
But... I feel great, and it's really satisfying to make yourself sweat and work for something.

In other words... this is still one of my all time favourite Post Secrets.

Jul. 24th, 2011


I successfully spent the whole weekend without clothes...

...just a swim suit

How to spend a whole weekend with your buddy without even trying:

Step 1: Get buddy.
Step 2: Add ingredients.
Step 3: Simmer on medium.
Step 4: Enjoy.

Hmmm... so Friday was a good P90X workout and some yoga after work followed by cooking dinner together and movie watching. You know you're having an amazing Friday night when you spend all night drinking beers with your buddy and watching TED Talks and answering Mensa questions until 3am.

Satuday... Excellent as well. Got an early morning work out in and headed toward Malibu. Got to Malibu and saw signs for wine tasting in which he promptly made the decision that we should pull over and partake.

So he buys a bottle and we're headed off again to the beach.
Yay for canyon driving! Reasons to own a convertible sports car in SoCal: Breathtaking canyon views driving through winding valleys along the coast.

So we spent the day in beautiful Malibu at the beach. There happened to be a semi pro beach volleyball tourney going on so we caught part of it. I enjoyed clean sand and pretty water along with Frisbee, the usual and watching dolphins ride waves in. Hard life right... Malibu, wine, beach, hanging with an attractive guy, frisbee and watching dolphins play.

Headed home eventually, realized J man had burned and very unevenly (pretty funny looking). Stopped by The Grove since amazingly he had never been there after living several years in LA. walked around and bought more wine at Monsieur Marcell in the farmers market. I enjoy walking around the Farmers Market.

Got home eventually to watch movies and have a mini feast of wine.

Sunday consisted of going to Best Buy and getting HP part1 of the end. Came back and watched it. Then we finally got to go to one of the local theaters by me... The Vista to watch HP part2. Wayyyyy awesome theater. Totally worth checking a movie out there.
So today was the Los Feliz street fair so my neighborhood was pretty much closed down and Hollywood was all a buzz with vendors and street performers and stuff. We caught the tail end of it walking back (on the way to the theater we had to run through it to make the movie). Pretty interesting.

So now I'm finally home and have to go to work tomorrow. How are weekends here always fun?
How is it that it's always exciting to me but this is pretty much every weekend.

What to do next Friday night Katy Perry?

Jul. 10th, 2011


(no subject)

It's been a good weekend.

Friday night gallery opening at my friends' moms' gallery and store. Lots of champagne followed by dinner and drinks out at Good Microbrew. It was pretty good.

Nightly romp out on Saturday. Went to Universal City Walk. Walked around, got drinks, played arcade games the whole night out. Kicked butt at the basketball shoot out. Overall loving spending nights out and feeling like myself all the time. Watched Alien Ant Farm play to close the night and fully satisfy the desires of jr high Swa. Then we went home and watched the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and played Scrabble, word games, and Pac Man all night.

My friends are pretty cool. Why does it have to be Monday so soon???

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